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About greenunderwear.com.au


Green underwear is in the business of selling underwear for men. We started out business with 100 % organic cotton men's boxer shorts. We only sell one kind of product namely men's organic cotton boxer shorts. like many people who specialise on one thing we are very good at it. We are very proud of our quality. You can be assured of our quality in our products. We can also assure you will not find this quality underwear at a cheaper rate anywhere in Australia. We are open to any challenges on this.

We are proudly an Australian underwear company based in Sydney. All our designs are made in Australia by our experienced design team and manufactured in our factories overseas. We have been to 7 countries before finally deciding on China. We refused to work in countries where child labour is used or workers exploited. 


Our mission is to bring best quality underwear that is manufactured and distributed with sustainable ways to your door.


More and more, people are beginning to care about how a product is made rather than only focusing on the product. We made this concern an integrated part of our business.

  • We do not deal with the suppliers who use sand blasting technology because the silica dust produced during this process can have lethal consequences to the workers.

  • We extend our scrutiny to the environmental and social conduct of our suppliers. The companies we work with has their Environmental Management System is certified with ISO 14001.
  • Where different clothing materials are available we use our choice on the natural fabrics.
  • The companies we work with come along with renewable energy use and have plans to reduce their carbon print further.


  • We do our part to reduce our effect on climate change such as saving energy whenever possible and participating in tree plantings initiatives in Australia.
  • We also monitor the companies we work with respects the social rights and welfare of their workers and how they dispose their waste.


  • The majority of our packaging materials are either reused or recycled.



In addition to our focus on environment, welfare of the workers and all our other stakeholders, we would like to benefit the community we live in as well.

Green underwear has a policy to donate 10% of its annual profit to charities. Following organizations are currently part of our charity support system:

  • Australian Cancer Council
  • Unicef


While we aim to comfort and natural material we are not short of best design concepts. Our sexy comfortable and very high quality underwear aims at everyday use.


We would like to bring you comfort in underwear shopping; you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to buy underwear in the corridors of shopping centres.  We have everything a department store underwear section has to offer and you can have it delivered to your home in a click.

The convenience is only part of the story. When you buy from green underwear we also want you save money in quality underwear.

We endeavour to have the fastest processing available in Australia with orders leaving within 24 hours. So in most cases your undies will be delivered to you before your next wash is due.


Green Underwear for Men aspires to lead the market by offering our consumers cutting-edge design, superior fabrics, and exceptional fit and quality.

Green Underwear is evolving to be the brand of choice for consumers who want sexy, fashionable, and comfortable underwear.

We aim to achieve this by investing in sustainable businesses and suppliers. Green is not only the name of the business but also the very essence of our business. We invest in technologies and materials that have the minimal amount of negative effect to our people, community, environment and future of this planet.

Green Underwear is synonymous with quality. The design and fabrications are developed to perfection to establish the brand's standard of excellence. Men's fabrics mainly consist of organic highly rich comfortable cottons. The boxers we produce comes from the fabric that manufacture highly sought after soft fabric business shirts.

Hope to see you among our customers!